Psychometric test results and reports

The Addmen OMR software that is known for processing OMR test results can be used for psychometric testing too. Psychometric test is used to understand certain psychological qualities in a person. It is an important test to get into some high profile and important jobs like military force, special task force, merchant navy, airlines, etc. As there is no right or wrong answer in a psychometric test, each answer option is given some points. These points or marks are calculated at the end, which helps to judge the level of a psychological quality in a person.

Once the answers are checked, the software generates psychometric test results and reports. Here are the features of this analysis report facility.

  • The report provides information like most appropriate response, relative response curve, least opted response as well as response frequency according to the data derived from the test.
  • You can also view the analysis of the group's psychology with the help of things like most frequently chosen option as well as least chosen option by the group of individuals who attempted the test.
  • The mean deviation of the average response of the group is derived to judge an individual's psychology.

Our team at Addmen is adept to help you understand about psychometric tests and its test results and reports. Give us a call to know more about this facility.

Psychometric Test Results and Reports
Psychometric Test Results and Reports
Psychometric Test Results and Reports
Psychometric Test Results and Reports