OMR Based Student Feedback Form Used for Faculty Feedback in College

The trend of taking feedback from students in colleges has been popular for some years. College authorities feel that students' feedback can help in improving the quality of education as well the teaching style of the faculty immensely. Most colleges today prefer to use OMR sheets as feedback forms as they are read by the software, thus ruling out manual checking and feeding of information in the computer. Here is an OMR based student feedback form used for faculty feedback in college which is designed by Addmen's OMR software.

Features of student feedback form

Here you can take a look at the student feedback form that is used for reviewing faculty members as well as the college.

  • At the top of the form, there is space for the name of the college, followed by the instructions for filling the form. Students are instructed to provide their ratings by putting an X mark on the boxes.
  • The rating for the parameters provided on the sheet can be from 1-5, in which 1 means excellent, 2 means good, 3 means average, 4 means poor and 5 means needs improvement.
  • After this, students are asked to write their standard and division. The academic year is already printed on the sheet.
  • The first column of the feedback form shows the parameters for review, which in this case are the names of the faculty members. The names of all the professors are mentioned here.
  • Each of the faculty members is reviewed on the basis of method of teaching, subject knowledge, power of explanation, completion of syllabus, response to questions, use of examples or illustrations, accessibility outside class, and behaviour with students' receptivity to new ideas or disagreements.
  • Students also have to provide overall rating for each professor.
  • This is followed by the parameters for reviewing the college. Here, students have to rate audio visual teaching aid, field visits, extra-curricular activities, completion of syllabus, computer lab facility, placements, canteen, exposure, seminar and workshops, library/books, discipline and office support.
  • At the end of this sheet, space has been provided for the name and signature of the student. However, filling this form is not compulsory. Students can review the faculty and the college anonymously.

Student Feedback Form