How to send result by SMS

The OMR software provides you with the option of sending the results by SMS. It is preferred by most institutes as it helps to send the results to the students and is very convenient too. The OMR software possesses this inbuilt utility which makes it possible to send the SMS. When you install the software in your personal computer, this utility is automatically installed too.


How it works?

The best thing about sending the results through SMS is that there is no need for you to compose every result individually. The phone or mobile of the candidate is either found in the software's backend database or it can be extracted from the answer sheet and exported into an Excel sheet with the help of the OMR form reader. The software tracks the phone number with the help of the roll no. and sends individual SMS to each student. This is an extremely simple process which can be done with a single button click.

Along with the phone numbers of the candidate, the software also contain other personal information of the candidates like the name, father's name and phone number, etc. Due to this, you can send the test result SMS directly to the parents too so that they are aware of their children's performance.

Types of SMS

The SMS can be sent in two ways: one is a simple SMS that only provides the marks of the students and the other is explanatory SMS. Let us look at examples for both types.


Simple SMS

  • Maths Marks: 45/50
  • Physics Marks: 32/50
  • Chemistry Marks: 39/50
  • Rank: 50


Explanatory SMS

Dear Mr. Sandeep Shah, your ward Gauri Shah, has scored marks Maths (45/50), Physics (32/50), Chemistry (39/50). Overall rank is 50. The performance is good and has improved from the last test. We wish her good luck.

Transactional is the best category that can be used if you want the SMS to reach all institutions. With this option, you can send the SMS quickly, even on DND numbers.

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