TRAI Rules for Bulk SMS

Addmen's facility of sending results by SMS is quite efficient and economical too. There are two types of SMS services that include promotional and transactional SMS. Promotional SMS services are used to send information or news of the institute like offers, discount, fees, etc. On the other hand, transactional SMS services are used to send results to the students and parents.Although we offer this facility for free with the OMR software, there are certain TRAI regulations that you have to follow while sending transactional SMS. Let us take a look at them.

  • The SMS should be sent only to those people who have opted for this service. The telephone database you provide should be genuine one. You have to provide the details or proof of the fact that the people on the database have opted-in to receive the SMS.
  • You should have a screenshot of the portal where the person or client has opted-in for receiving the SMS.
  • You will have to produce the proof anytime while using our SMS service. In case we receive a client from one of the receivers you will have to pay penalty, which is first complaint (Rs. 25,000), second complaint (Rs. 75,000), third complaint (Rs. 80,000) and fourth complaint (Rs. 100,000).
  • To make sure that there are complaints against you, your clients are given the opportunity to opt-out of the SMS service with the first transactional SMS. This will be repeated once every three months for the old data.
  • The SMS can be sent only to those who are not in the NDNC (National Do Not Call) list or registry. If a person in this list complaints of receiving the SMS, you would have to pay a penalty of Rs. 7 lacs after the sixth compliant. Also, you would be blacklisted for two years.
  • The promotional SMS cannot be sent to anyone (even those not in the NDNC registry) between 9 PM and 9 AM.


De-activation process

Your clients should be given the option of deactivating the SMS service. For this, they have to send the message 'STOP' to the number 8082000222. For any reason, they want to restart receiving the SMS, they have to send the message 'START SENDER ID' (START ABCDEF) to 8082000222.

SMS service form

I, ___________________________________S/o________________________ on behalf of my organization, __________________________________________, hereby acknowledge that I am holding an SMS sending account under the Web Based SMS Gateway Service offered by M/s. Addmen Multi-Studios.

My SMS account User ID is ____________________

I promise to abide by the rules prescribed by TRAI and NDNC Registry. I shall be solely responsible and bear all penalties if any issue arises regarding the messages sent by our panel (User ID) or by any of my clients or sub panel.

I, ___________________________________S/o________________________ on behalf of my organization __________________________________________ hereby

give an undertaking that the User ID…………………, provided by M/s Addmen Multi Studios, is being used by us for sending messages to opt-in/non-NDNC registered mobile numbers. The messages are transactional in nature and do not contain any commercial, unsolicited or defamatory communication. Our SMS recipients have opted-in to receive this communication.

We will educate our recipients and will ensure that they do not complain to their operators about the SMS we send to them. We are aware of the latest DND issues that have been causing a lot of problems and would not indulge in any sort of Spamming, Commercial or Un-Solicited communications.

We hereby confirm that we are ready to bear any loss, cost, liability or claim including reasonable legal expenses (as per operator's consideration) that will keep harmless to SMS Country as a result of SMS push on DND numbers.

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